Service Plan

Three Ts Service Plan

You never have to pay extra for emergency plumbing or heating again with our Bi-Annual System Check (BASC) Service Plan. It is our policy to deliver nothing short of 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.


Bi-Annual System Check Service Plan

Save 10% on all plumbing, heating and cooling services and get up to $500 credit toward system replacement and never pay another emergency bill for plumbing or HVAC problems!


Sign up for our Bi-Annual System Check (BASC) program to get the following savings and benefits


1.10% discount on all additional services (plumbing heating and cooling)

2. Extended equipment life

3. Lower utility bills

4. Annual system check up renewal reminders

5. Air filter replacement included twice per year

6. Plumbing checked for Leaks

7. Furnace, A/C, Sump pump and Water Heater inspections

8. Fewer Repairs

9. $250.00 credit towards indoor or outdoor unit replacement

10. $500 credit towards complete system replacement

11. Emergencies are charged at regular rates.

For less than $30 a month you will save time, money, frustration, and extra emergency fees.  The BASC program works because in situations like plumbing and heating, an ounce of prevention is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars of cure.  Request more information today.

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