Plumbing Installation and Plumbing Repair Services

Often when we are called it means a crisis for the homeowner: “No hot water,” “The noise from the toilet kept me up all night,” “My bathtub is clogged,” “Water is coming through my ceiling,” and worse, “My basement is flooding!”

You aren’t looking for just any plumber to resolve your crisis.  You want one you can trust. “Do I really need this?” “Is he charging me too much?” Your crisis is enough stress at the moment.  You don’t need more stress from not knowing if a plumber is taking advantage of you or not.
At Three T’s Plumbing we truly look out for you.  It is our policy to deliver nothing short of 100% satisfaction in every job we do.  Our goal is to be quick, reliable and professional at all times.  This is why we offer a service plan that saves you money and makes sure we have the parts you need for any repairs on hand.

If you are in an emergency, call us now at 989 780-2963.  We are here to help.

If you need a plumber for installations or renovations, let us put our 30 years of experience to work for you with our reliable and affordable plumbing services.

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Drainage Piping
Water Distribution Piping
Water Heater Sales and Installation

Are you going south for the winter? Make sure your home is prepared to withstand the freezing temperatures of Michigan. Have your home winterized.

Three T’s Plumbing can professionally winterize your home and save you money in repair bills when you come home. These winterization techniques are done quickly and efficiently. Here is a list of the services performed in a standard winterization from Three T’s  Plumbing.
•    Pour antifreeze in all plumbing traps and toilets
•    Use compressed air to blow out lines
•    Drain water heater
•    Shut power/fuel off for water heater
•    Shut off main water supply (city or well pump)
•    Blow air through every fixture

In addition, our service technician will check your system for any problems your plumbing may be experiencing.

Enjoy your winter travel without worrying about your home. Three T’s Plumbing offers Michigan Snowbirds peace of mind.

Sump Pumps
If you’ve already lived through the dreaded experience of a flooded basement, then you know how much damage it can cause. Even one inch of water can take many hours to clean up and causes thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and carpets. Not to mention the long-term effects of mold growing in or on the walls, not good for the health. Installing a sump pump in your basement is your best defense to prevent flooding. Protecting your home is no joke at all, especially against water damage. Some homes may require a back-up sump pump for extra protection of a finished basement when the power goes out. Homeowners invest lots of money in their homes, so we take special pride in protecting them from water damage.

Three T’s Plumbing installs Zoeller Sump Pump systems
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Water Systems
Water Softeners, Filters and reverse Osmosis systems are a very important component to the plumbing system of any home. More than just filtration for drinking water, the proper water system for your home can reduce the levels of chemicals or minerals that can be dangerous. Including iron and rust, this can be bad for your homes water heater, pipes and drains over the years.

Methods used to improve the quality of water are referred to as treatment or conditioning. What is the difference? Water treatment refers to systems that reduce harmful contaminants in the water, dealing with health and safety of the water. Water conditioning refers to water problems that effect water taste, color, odor, hardness and corrosive nature, rather than health and safety. It is not uncommon to use both a treatment and conditioning system to improve water quality.