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Remodeling and Repair

Financing Options For Your Project Summer is the perfect time to tackle the remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of for your kitchen and bathroom. It’s also the perfect time to have a high efficiency and updated air conditioner that will cool your entire home quickly without the high bill. Many of us have a Pintrest…

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Spring A/C Maintenance

We are coming out on the sunny side of a long, grueling winter and it’s quickly approaching summer. Before the hot weather hits, you will want to be sure that your air conditioning system is working properly and is ready to keep you comfortable during the hot, sweaty summer months ahead. A few simple steps…

Heating and Cooling Options
Cooling | Heating | Tips

Heating and Cooling Options

Heating & Cooling Systems For A New Home Choosing the right heating and cooling systems for your new home is a big decision. Having a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanical contractor can make the process go much more smoothly. Having someone knowledgeable on hand and being prepared can help you make the best choice for your…

Vassar, MI – Jan 2019
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Vassar, MI – Jan 2019

Furnace Replacement & Air Conditioning Changeout This is a replacement of an older style furnace and metal ducting (the metal pipes coming from the furnace). Also changed out here is the air conditioning unit for a better cooling system. Updated equipment in your home can mean lower energy cost in your budget. Call Todd at…