Upgrade Your Furnace, Lower Your Bill

7 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Furnace

Lower Your Energy Bill & Stay Warm, Too!

1. A Furnace More Than 10-15 Years Old

Everything has a lifespan from the food in your fridge to the vehicle in your driveway. That includes your furnace and the other appliances in your home. A typical furnace lifespan is about 10-15 years depending on how often your HVAC system was maintenance, how often it runs, & the type of furnace. If you aren’t sure how long ago your HVAC system was installed, then it may be time for an upgrade.

2. It’s Not A High Efficiency Furnace

High efficiency furnaces can really save you a pretty penny over its lifetime and provide a whole range of wonderful benefits to your home. If you find yourself with a furnace that runs all the time and a bill that just keeps going up it might be time for the switch. Not only will you save money on your bill every month, but an upgrade to high efficiency could also mean tax credits or utility rebates! Talk about an added bonus!

3. Your HVAC System Needs Frequent or Costly Repairs

While it is normal for occasional repairs and to need yearly maintenance, however, if you need several service trips in a single season it might be time to reevaluate. If your repair costs reach 50% or higher of the current furnace value, then it’s usually time for a new system! If financing is something you may need, CLICK HERE for more information about our 3rd party financing system FTL financing for qualified credit.

Don’t Keep Throwing Money Away On An Old Furnace!

4. Excessive Noise Coming From Furnace

If your home’s furnace is making so much noise that you have to turn the TV up when it kicks on you might have a problem with the sizing of your ducting system. Or if you are hearing banging, squealing, or clinking coming from your unit there may be something loose or broken within the furnace. While some of that may be spruced up and fixed not all noise making issues can be repaired or it may need to be repaired continuously. Newer model furnaces are much quieter in comparison to their outdated counterparts.

5. Temperature & Comfort Control Issues

Has your hand been reaching to crank the heat up more often lately? Does the house feel cold even when the thermostat is set at 70 degrees? Then you might need to trade in your old thermostat for a new one that better controls the heat of your house. Or you may need a new furnace if your current unit is starting to die.

6. Humidity Issues

A common complaint of Mid-Michigan homeowners during Winter is dry air in the home, sore throats, dry skin, and frequent colds. Low humidity can also make the air in your home feel cooler than it really was. Adding humidity to the air in the Winter can resolve those complaints for most homeowners. The newer units not only add humidity to the air being circulated in your home when it’s too dry, but it can also take excess moisture out of the air in the Spring and Summer.

7. Air Quality Issues

A home’s ducting system can collect a surprising amount of allergens, like household odors, pet dander, hair, bacteria, and dust, and cause health problems for your family. A simple fix for this is to have your duct system cleaned once or twice a year to keep the gunk from building up. This is another important reason to change your furnace filter regularly!

If you live in an area where you have higher pollen, your home has more allergen factors, or have a sandy yard a great addition to your home would be an air purifier attached directly to your furnace. Though, higher efficiency furnace’s filters do a great job of removing a great improving your air quality on its own.

Don’t Let Your Furnace Maintenance Slip

Keep your current or brand new furnace or HVAC system running smoothly and stay ahead of problems with our BASC Service Plan! Save on additional services throughout the year and have the peace of mind of a licensed professional performing a maintenance check once a year!

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