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Spring Furnace Maintenance

Spring has finally arrived here in Michigan after a long and brutal winter. Your furnace has been working in overdrive during these frigid temperatures to keep your home warm. Now it’s time to do some much-needed maintenance to keep your system running efficiently while it helps your air conditioner circulate the cool air in just a few short months. It’s important to keep up on furnace maintenance to prevent costly repairs or replacements and ensure a long life for your furnace. Follow these few simple steps and you’ll be Spring ready in no time!

Change Your Filter

Changing your filter regularly helps your furnace run efficiently and smoothly. A dirty filter can reduce the life of your furnace, cause higher energy bills, and even start a fire. Since your furnace works with your air conditioner to circulate the cool air it is important to keep the filter clean year-round. For most homes, you should change your password every 3 months and for homes with pets, you should be changing your filter every two months.

Cleaning the Area Around Your Furnace

Keeping the area surrounding your furnace clear and clean of any dust, debris, or furniture prevents the vents from being blocked. Blocked vents impair airflow and reduce the efficiency of your furnace.

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Check Vents & Cold Air Returns

Check all the vents and cold air returns in your home to make sure they are not blocked. Blocked vents and cold air returns stop the flow of air and can cause your home to be heated or cooled unevenly. Reduced air flow can also damage your furnace and cause it to short cycle and shut itself down.

Cleaning Your Condensing Unit or Heat Pump

Spring is the perfect time to pressure wash your outside condensing unit or heat pump. During the winter and throughout the year your unit can become covered in leaves, dirt, and other debris that clogs the system and can cause blockages. Pressure washing the unit can remove the winter gunk and any loose gravel that may have lodged itself in the unit. A clean unit runs more effectively and is less likely to breakdown when you need it most.

Have Your Vents & Duct Worked Cleaned

Our vents and ductwork can collect a lot of unfavorable things throughout the year. Getting your vents and ducts cleaned out at least once a year improves the air quality in your home and keeps the dust and debris away from your furnace. After you see the things that come out of those vents, you’ll never miss having them cleaned again!

Schedule Your Annual Tune Up & Inspection

Having your system inspected should be done at least once a year to ensure that your system is running effectively. Spring is the best time of year to have an inspection and tune-ups done so that should anything need to be replaced or repaired you have plenty of time before winter. Getting these things done in the Spring lowers the risk of being without heat in an emergency the following Winter.

Furnace maintenance is an important part of keeping your furnace running efficiently and smoothly for many years to come. To have your yearly inspection done by a licensed and reputable HVAC contactor contact Todd at (989)-780-2963. We service Bay, Tuscola, and Saginaw counties in Mid-Michigan.

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