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Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

What Temperature to Set Your Air Conditioning To

Tackling heat waves can be a real strain on a budget, especially if you don’t have a high efficiency heating & cooling system. One of the best starting points to save money on your air conditioning bill in the Summer is the thermostat. Keeping the outside temperature and our HVAC systems capacity in mind, try setting your thermostat to a high comfortable range to save the most money possible. Along with turning your thermostat up, there are a few other tips and tricks I’ve included to lower your heating and cooling bill this Summer.

No Need for An Ice Box, Set That Temp To 75 or Higher

Just like you wouldn’t take a 20-year-old stock Buick down the road at 120 MPH, you shouldn’t expect an old, standard efficiency air conditioner to cool your house to 70°F on a 100°F day. Most units are designed to cool your house a maximum of 20°F, meaning ideally you should be setting your thermostat about 10-15°F below the outside temperature. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78°F to save the most money while still staying cool.

Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Turn the Air Conditioning Off When Your Away

The U.S. Department of Energy also recommends turning your thermostat up or off completely when away from home for long periods of time. However, when you are only going to be gone a few hours for work or a quick errand, you can just turn it up a few degrees. This is where a Nest Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat comes in quite handy. Not only can you access your thermostat when away from home you can also set schedules for your home. If you are gone every day for during a specific time, you can set your thermostat to adjust to the desired temperatures automatically, so you never come home to a hot, or cold, house again. If your energy provider is Consumer’s Energy, you can check their website for rebates on your brand-new thermostat! You can also learn more about smart thermostats HERE.

Take Advantage of Cooler Nights, Windows Open – Air Conditioning Off

Most nights you’ll find it is significantly cooler outside than it was during the day. This is the perfect time to let the fresh air in and open some windows. You can get 8 -10 hours or more of free air conditioning from mother nature herself. But don’t forget to turn the thermostat off, we aren’t cooling the outside after all! This seems like such a small thing but if it gets cool enough at night in your house, your air conditioning may not need to turn on at all. Or at least not turn on until the hotter afternoon hours. Do this for a few weeks and you’ll see a change in your energy bill, I’m sure!

Invest in Blackout Thermal Blinds

While you might think that thick blinds only help through cold Winters, blacking out the sun can dramatically reduce the heat your house takes on. You can find a reasonable priced set of thermal black out curtains or blinds at your local Home Depot or even on Amazon. This little tip can help decorate a space and keep your bill lower all year long!

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can be a useful tool throughout the year. A little-known fact is your ceiling fans can assist not only in cooling your house but pushing warm air down during the Winter as well. There is a small switch on most fans to reverse the spin of the blades. One setting will circulate the air and cool off the room. The opposite direction will push the warmer air from the ceiling to the bottom of the room, making it warmer in the room.

These few tips are by no means a replacement for upgrading to a high efficiency heating and cooling system, but they help cool off your home and lower your bill. CLICK HERE to learn more about high efficiency HVAC systems and the endless benefits they bring. Keep cool this Summer & remember to change your furnace filter!

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