Furnace repair

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair Troubleshooting

   Is your furnace not turning on? Is your house cold but your furnace is running? Are the vents blowing cold air when the furnace is on? Losing heat in the middle of winter can be stressful and turn into an emergency quickly. Here are a few easy things you can troubleshoot before calling your local heating and cooling company for furnace repair.

Check the Thermostat Setting

  • Is the setting in the HEAT position?
  • Is the temperature set higher than the temperature indoors?
  • Are batteries in thermostat good?

Is the Filter Dirty?

Check the filter and make sure it is not dirty. Replacing your furnace filter regularly is an important part of furnace maintenance.

A dirty furnace filter can lead to:

  • a reduced life of your furnace
  • clogged system
  • poor air quality
  • higher energy costs
  • even a house fire
  • We suggest changing your furnace filter every month for smaller 1” furnace filter and every season for larger 2” or larger furnace filters. Dirty filters are one of the most common reason for furnace service calls.

Is There Air Coming Out of Your Vents?

Are your heat vents shut off, blocked by furniture, or in any other way obstructed? Sometimes vents can be blocked off or shut on accident. Therefore, preventing the warm air flow from making it to certain parts of your home.

Check the Power to the Furnace

Easily Check The Power To Your Furnace

  • turn the fan to an “ON” position
  • turning the heat up to check for response
  • If there is no response or your thermostat is blank:
  • Check Your Breaker Panel –> Furnace Breaker

Is Your Gas Service On?

Sometimes due to a leak or other issue your gas service can be shut off without a formal warning. Check your gas meter for a red tag.

Is the Pilot Lit?

  • Gas furnaces have a pilot, or small flame where the gas is serviced to the furnace, that needs to stay lit for your furnace to function properly. A strong draft, dirty pilot orifice, bad thermocouple, faulty gas regulator, or fluctuating gas service can cause a pilot to go out or keep going out.
  • Call Todd at (989)-780-2963 to have a troublesome pilot relit. Three T’s Plumbing Services Bay, Huron, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola Counties.

Is Your There a Service Code Flashing on Your Furnace?

Newer gas furnaces and electric furnaces will flash an error or service code.

Call Todd at (989)-780-2963 if your furnace is flashing an error code.

Checking Your Furnace for Freezing

Does your furnace have ice built up on it? Turn the furnace off and check heat vents for obstruction and to make sure furniture is not covering your vents. Check to make sure you do not have a dirty filter. If neither of these are a problem leave the furnace off and call Todd at (989)-780-2963 immediately!

Furnace Repair Still Needed?

If the trouble shooting still leaves you with furnace troubles you can call Todd at (989)-780-2963 for furnace repair or servicing. We service the Bay, Huron, Midland, Saginaw, and Tuscola Counties of Mid-Michigan. Three T’s Plumbing does offer emergency service repairs to both heating and cooling, as well as, plumbing servicing needs.

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